April 17th, 2012

Words Worth Remembering

tabula rasa - a blank slate

cornucopia - a symbol of plenty, goats horn

cellar door (Donnie Darko)

byzantine - excessively complex system

arcane - strange

coalesce - come together and form a whole

axiom - self- evident truth

lupine - wolflike

hinterland - uncharted area

visceral - deep inward feelings

flummery - nonsense

smut - obscene or lavicious

volatile - unpredictable

salubrious - health giving

farrago - a confused mixture

assorted - varied

defunct - no longer functioning

idyll - an extremely picturesque, idealised episode

corporeal - physical

arbitrary - based on random choice or personal whim

jettison - throw or drop something from an aircraft or ship

irrevocable - final/ not able to be changed

chimera - a thing that is hoped for but is impossible to achieve or illusory

panoply- splendid display or collection of things